Choosing a small meter for an active lifestyle!

April 28, 2010

Although there are several meters to choose from for those of use with Type 1 diabetes living active lifestyles (I am a technology consultant who travels the world), I have had a tough time finding a suitable meter that has the following characteristics (they usually fail on 1 or more of the points):

  1. Portable in size and easily worn
  2. Ample memory and event tagging to replace full-size meter
  3. Connectivity to some type of data management software on a computer

The top market contenters seem to be the the LifeScan OneTouch Mini Ultra and the new Bayer Contour USB seen below for a size comparison:

mini blood glucose meters

Comparing the One Touch Mine to the Countour USB

Next post will evaluate the winner of my little comparison….. more to come

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