Diabetes Management Software

May 2, 2010

We live in the world of personal computers and the internet, and nowadays, most major glucose meter and glucose pump manufacturers provide software to retrieve and analyze data from their specific devices.  Not all software is the same though, and the amount of analysis and information that software captures varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Let us first start by summarizing the major software titles available from vendors for the major glucose meters and pumps:

Software Name Manufacturer Version Download Link Pros Cons
OneTouch Diabetes Management Software LifeScan 2.3.2 OTDMS -Allows data download from all OneTouch meters currently on the market

-Alows for carb and insulin values to be input from UltraSmart meter

-Needs OneTouch cable which varies from meter to meter, normally has a cost involved

-Requires separate Meter Drivers for OneTouch Software for meters to be detected correctly (currently using 1.7.0)

-$29.99 USD suggested retail

GlucoFacts Deluxe Diabetes Management Software Bayer 2.01.05 GlucoFacts Deluxe -Software included on Countour USB Meters

-Free on Contour USB meters and also downloadable

-Standalone version intended for healthcare professionals

-Standalone version requires Java 1.6 Update 17 only

Does not allow carb or insulin values to be input

DexCom Data Manager® 3 Software Dexcom DM3 -Intended for use with Dexcom Seven+ Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

-Allows for carb and insulin values to be input from the Seven+ Receiver

-Free to download

ACCU-CHEK 360o Software Roche ???? ACCU-CHEK 360o Software -Reads current Accu-Chek devices $44.99 USD

There is no universal format and all of the software vendors will miss some analysis features that are available in one piece of software versus another.  I will have another post that deals with converting data between tools (the data is there, either as an exportable CSV file with the OneTouch software or as a SQLLite db file in the GlucoFacts software, but this is for another post).

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