First few days in rainy Buenos Aires

November 4, 2009

Started out a bit rough on the tripe to Buenos Aires, I apparently dropped my cell phone at Ezeiza airport purchasing a present to bring to my godparents (yes… I pulled an ‘eddie’).

Also, weather has been less than stellar, with barely some sunshine showing up today for the first time.

I rediscovered an old love of mine….. Freddo Ice Cream which makes a Light version of their Dulce de Leche ice cream (24 g of carbs per 140 g serving… not bad and tastes like the real thing).  This is dulce de leche flavor, and not ‘cajeta’ like in Mexico.  Funny how spanish has colloquial regional phrases that vary by country (‘cajeta’ is a euphemism for vagina in a not so nice way).

I also had an idea for a book, but not sure I want to disclose the details just yet.   Speaking of books, 1/2 way done through Teddy Kennedy’s True Compass which is really an interesting read of one of the few great politicians from an American political dynasty.

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