Dexcom 7 since May 5, 2010

September 23, 2010

I have been lucky enough to be using Dexcom’s Seven Plus (I must disclose that I do own some Dexcom stock) Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM for short( since the day that Mexico defeated the French (aka Cinco de Mayo).

I must say that the technology and the accuracy of the device are amazing.  I was skeptical at first, and had read some initial issues with adhesiveness of receiver, accuracy, and bad sensors.  Although I did experience a rash of bad sensors over the first two weeks of having the product, I have to commend the Dexcom technical support folks who graciously would FedEx me a replacement receiver.

I am now consistently getting 7 days of use out of each sensor (I have worn them up to 12 days, but as time passes past the intended 7 days of allowed use, the difference between the CGM readings and actual meter readings starts becoming greater and greater.  On average, during the 7 day period that a sensor is valid, I am typically ~10 pts off from when I verify with a finger stick and a traditional blood glucose monitor (BGM). 

Although the strategy is to discover patterns and to evaluate the effectiveness of insuling/carb rations, basal insulin, and bolus insulin in order to approximate good blood glucose control, I find myself staring at the ugly pager (and I do mean ugly Dexcom folks, due mainly to his size) more often than not and making decisions or confirming with a finger stick *this is not medical advice, talk to your doctor and/or CDE before making any changes or relying exclusively on a CGM device*.

The Dexcom is a 2nd generation product that can us some software enhancements as well as ergonomic softening of its ugly receiver.  All in all, a good quarter of use with the Dexcom7 and I am loving it (though not letting it rule my life or spoil my fun).

More to come soon, now, preparing for starting on the Omnipod insuling pump in June 2010.

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