Almost 2 years being a Type 1 cyborg: Dexcom since 5/5/2010 and Omnipod since 7/15/2010

March 19, 2012

I will be coming up on 2 years of using the Dexcom 7 (since May 5, 2010 for continuous blood glucose monitoring and the Insulet Omnipod (July 15, 2010) as an insulin pump.

Am I happy with the technology and the devices?  As a geek/tech guy who tries to take advantage or in interested by new technologies, I have to say that for being 1st/2nd generation products, they have given me a more comfortable life for the consulting lifestyle with travel that I currently live.  They devices have added some flexibility to the management of my type 1 diabetes, but there are several things I would love to see improved:

  • accuracy and longevity of Dexcom and Omnipod (in terms of readings, delivery of insulin, algorithms for insulin on board)
  • better software — why do I have to jump through hoops with two different software types that are not compatible?  My diabetes management team has to make sense of 2 graphs with real BG readings from the FreeStyle + basal/bolus/correction readings — both of these on the OmniPod PLUS the Dexcom data which tracks BG readings, onto which I add my bolus and correction factor readings + carbs
  • aesthetics of the devices — smaller pods are coming at the end of 2012 according to Dexcom (variation in canulas as opposed to a on-size-fits-all would be nice) and nicer looking device electronics (both Omnipod PDM and the Dexcom receiver are horrendously ugly )

That being said, let’s hope that as technology advances and new generations of these devices come forward, they allow us to live a life closer to that of a ‘normal’person.

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